Fall Break: Princeton CBE well represented in Pittsburgh

Over the tail end of fall break, six CBE seniors (’19) made quite the impression in the 2018 AIChE Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Emily Abdo, the current Princeton AIChE branch co-president, and Mathini Vaikunthan, the exiting conference chair responsible for organizing Princeton’s regional conference this year, helped plan the trip there. They enjoyed their time in various competitions and attending lectures on a range of topics, including the pharmaceutical and energy industries and nuclear engineering.

The other four participants, Emily de Jong, Abhiram Karuppur, Annie Wang, and Grace Kresge were all invited back to the national ChemE Jeopardy competition after having qualified in the regional Jeopardy round this past spring. The team made it through the first round, defeating Notre Dame,  but lost in the semi-finals.

Emily de Jong and Abhiram Karuppur also participated in the Materials Science Postering Sessions, with de Jong winning first and Karuppur third place for their respective postering divisions.

A big congrats to the Princeton AIChE team this year!